Uniform Information

Dress Code 2020-2021


We want all our Brown Academy Noble Knight students to come to school proud of themselves and ready to learn each day.  In order to do that, we ask that each student arrives at school each day in our school uniform, with shirts tucked in.

 Our expectations for student dress are listed below:

 Navy Blue or Khaki pants, mid-thigh shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpers

(Boys-no oversized clothing, please wear belts with shorts, pants)

(Girls-With dresses, we encourage shorts or leggings under them. Purses are expected to be hung up when entering the classroom.)

 Shirts-Polo shirts with collars, any solid color, turtlenecks-any solid color.

Brown Academy T-shirts/sweatshirts may be worn as part of our uniform.

 Sweaters/Vests-any color

 Shoes-athletic shoes, leather shoes, shoes must completely cover the feet. (No sandals or flip flops because of student safety)

 Students are expected to hang up heavy coats/jackets by their cubby sections when they enter the classroom.  Hooded sweatshirts may be worn in the building.  Hoods must remain on their shoulders-no hoods on head.

 Please make sure that all CELL PHONES are left at home each day.

 Fridays will be our students dress down day.  Students can earn this reward through good academic performance and excellent student behavior.

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