Lesson 4

Art Lesson 4 Brown Academy

Kindergarten – 1st Grade – 2nd Grade
Have you been out in your yard playing in the grass or the garden?  Ever wonder about how things grow underground?  Click on the video below to see a very artistic and creative video about gardening and worms.  How can we draw worms in the ground?  Look at the video, are the outlines of the worms straight or curvy?  I see many curvy lines making worm bodies! Can you draw worms underground with plants growing in the ground and plants above the ground?  Have fun imagining and creating your worm filled garden art!
Talking gardening with dirtgirl

3rd Grade
Have you ever wondered what things look like underground?  Plants have roots growing in to dirt, worms have tunnels underground and ants build their homes in mounds of dirt and under the ground.  Click on the video link below to watch an art lesson on creating an artwork of an ant house underground. 

Next it’s time for you to find pencil, crayons, markers or anything you have at home to draw with.  Use your imagination and design your very own unique ant home!  What kind of rooms will your ant house contain?  Let your imagination flow and have fun!

4th Grade – 5th Grade
Recently many of you completed Pop Art worksheets after your radial symmetry paper relief sculpture was completed.  Many pop artists use onomatopoeia words to create their artworks.  Around Valentine’s Day we were introduced to a street artist who got his start using heart motifs for his paintings and murals. (Review:  James Goldcrown)  Many street artists also use words in their graffiti artworks. Today we are going to think of words that are positive and kind to create a street art style word art. 
Please click on this link to learn how to transform a word into a graffiti style artwork.
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