Lesson 3

K-2 Found Word Artwork!

April is National Poetry Month!  Do you know the most important part of writing a poem?  That’s right, WORDS!

We will be creating artwork using some of our favorite words so first click below to listen to a wonderful story by Peter H. Reynolds about a boy who collected words!  The book is called The Word Collector.

Now think of some of your most favorite words, or ask each person in your family what their favorite word is.  Write each word on a separate piece of paper and then arrange them into a sentence or a phrase that sounds interesting to you. 

Next, use your crayons or markers or any art supplies that you have at home and draw a picture that illustrates the sentence you created from your collection of favorite words! 

Use your imagination!!   Have fun!

Grades 3-4-5  Photography!

This week I would like to introduce you to two amazing photographers.   

 The first is Ansel Adams, a landscape photographer who became world famous for his beautiful photographs taken of Yosemite National Park.

Our second photographer, at 13 years old, has already won awards for his wildlife photos. 

Now it’s your turn! Do you have a cellphone you can use to take a picture of a person, a place or a group of objects that has special meaning for you, or can show a certain feeling you are experiencing? Can you experiment with taking your photo from different angles – from high (bird’s eye view), or low (worm’s eye view), or from the side? Can you experiment with lighting or changing the effect of your photo to black and white instead of color?  Here is a great video giving tips to taking better photos using your phone.  I would love to see how creative your photos are!

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