Lesson 2

Kindergarten and 1st grades: here is a super fun art activity for you to do at home using color markers, a Sharpie, aluminum foil, paper and a spray bottle to make a beautiful print artwork!  Just click on the video link to see how to do it!


2nd and 3rd grades:  Have you seem the lemur exhibit at the Tennessee Aquarium?  Today’s art lesson shows you how to draw a lemur family.  All you will need is a pencil, a black marker, crayons and paper.  Click on the video link below for a demonstration!


 4th and 5th grades: Get together paper, markers, color pencils or crayons, a pair of scissors and you are ready to go! Click on the video link below and have fun creating a colorful big mouth animal character artwork!

I can’t wait to see your imaginative creature creations!

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