COVID-19 - Employee Resources
Employee Health and Safety

What must I do if I need access to one of our buildings?

Follow the Employee Illness Reporting Procedures by notifying Human Resources using this:Employee Daily Building Entry Form


What do I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19, have been exposed to any confirmed case involving COVID-19 or had a family member diagnosed with COVID-19?


Follow the Employee Illness Reporting Procedures by notifying Human Resources using this:Employee Self-Reporting Illness/Exposure Form


If I report any of the above to Human Resources, when may I be allowed to return to work?

Human Resources will give you further instructions, as School Health nurses will coordinate return to work criteria with the Hamilton County Health Department. Do not return to work until you are given the clearance by HCS HR.


What can I do if my spouse loses their job and insurance. Can I add my spouse to my HCS insurance Plan?


Losing health insurance coverage is a qualifying event and will make your spouse eligible to be included in the HCS insurance plan. Please contact Kimberly Eames at as soon as your spouse’s former coverage ends.


Employee Compensation Questions


Which employees will receive pay through the closure?


  • All benefits eligible certified employees not on leave will be expected to be available for work

  • The following employees will be paid and should be on call if needed:

    • All benefits eligible classified employees

    • All part-time School Age Child Care and part-time School Nutrition Employees

    • Employees on Interim assignments who accrue leave time

    • Part-time employees who are paid on a district determined hourly rate (interventionist, tutors, job/shares, retired teachers/admins, etc.)

    • Part time employees pay will be based on the payroll time entered in IFAS detailing the time they would have worked for the week.

Which employees are ineligible for pay?


  • Substitutes for Nurses and Substitute School Nutrition Workers (PTNB)

  • For April 3-10, which is HCS Spring Break, part-time employees will not be paid.

How will employees on leave be compensated?


Tennessee Code Annotated provides that a teacher on pre-approved leave or other type of leave, will not be charged with a day of leave for any day that school is closed due to natural disasters, inclement weather, serious outbreak of contagious illness, or other unexpected event. HCS will extend the same leave provisions to classified employees.

  • Employees utilizing the Sick Leave Bank (SLB) will continue with SLB awarded days

  • Employees who are on an unpaid, non-FMLA leave will not experience any changes, as they are already on unpaid, non-FMLA leave

  • Employees on an approved leave of absence utilizing sick leave will continue to remain in paid status but will not be charged leave.

  • Employees on FMLA leave will not be charged FMLA days.

  • Vacation hours will continue to be charged.

Employee Rights

Employee Communication